"When other marine lenders say
No, Boat Finance says Yes"

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    "Blue Elephant Capital Management has promised to provide $25 million of capital to Boat Finance LLC." - Noah Buhayar, Bloomberg Business.

In the marketplace for a boat?

The internet might take the hassle out of finding your perfect boat through a reputable dealer, but financing can still be difficult. If you need to finance your boat purchase, Boat Finance can help.

Stranded with no loan options?

The last thing you want to do is jump through hurdles imposed by marine lenders and wait weeks for your loan request to be turned down and be stranded with no loan options to complete the boat purchase. Boat Finance has solutions.

Boat Finance offers solutions

Boat Finance offers boat loan solutions that other Marine Lenders do not. Loans start at $5,000 - $125,000 on collateral up to 30 years old. We work with credit scores 580 and higher helping applicants with past credit problems.

Standard boat loan

Boat Finance will offer competitively priced loans on new and used boat loans starting at 5.99%.

Re-Powering Loan

We offer financing on new and used boats, along with re-powering options. Rates start at 5.99%.

Boat Finance

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