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The mission of Boat Finance, LLC is to provide consumers in the marine industry with financing that is currently unavailable modern marine lending space. Using our first to market technology we are focusing on superior customer service, un-paralleled dependability and optimized technology.


The vision of Boat Finance, LLC is to modernize the marine lending industry through technology, and to expand its current consumer base through an easy to use lending platform that expands well beyond your typical lenders.

Background Story

Boat Finance, LLC founders Don and Bill Schrama are experts in the marine lending industry with over 40 years of experience. In 2015 they realized that there was a void in the current marine lending industry. Older used boats were being overlooked by big banks because they deal primarily in new boat purchases. This encouraged them to set off on a venture into the marine lending industry founding Boat Finance, LLC.

In late 2015 Boat Finance brought on Blue Elephant Capital Management as a partner to help with their endeavor. Since then Boat Finance has helped thousands of people get boat loans that would otherwise have been stuck on land. Along the way Boat Finance has built a team of prominent bank executives, wall street gurus and a highly motivated sales team to bring the marine industry exactly what it needed.

What Boat Finance believes to be one of its greatest accomplishments to date is bringing digital signings through DocuSign to the marine lending industry. In a market with limited technology we believe that digital closings are the future and Boat Finance is the proud pioneer to bring it to this market.

Boat Finance

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