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What we do

Boat Finance provides specialty financing for a niche market of consumers who do not fit the typical “big bank” profile. Using our first to market technology we are looking to modernize the marine lending industry. On top of our innovative technology we offer premier customer service, rapid turnaround on pre-approvals and are the only lender in the marine lending space with digital closings.

Who we are

Boat Finance is a Fintech company serving the marine lending industry since More than half our customers would not have received financing
elsewhere. We are helping bring more consumers to the industry Go Boating.

How we can help

Have you been declined a loan for any of the following reasons?

  1. Being self-employed?
  2. Having a low credit score?
  3. Buying an older used boat?
  4. Have a bankruptcy, charge-off or short sale on your credit?

Boat Finance is here to help! We work with people who are self-employed, have a 580+ credit score and finance boats up to 30 years old.

Boat Finance

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